therastimTreatment of Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

TheraStim® has introduced an exclusive direct current waveform not found in any conventional electrotherapeutic muscle stimulators.This patented waveform peneetrates deep into tissue (the “charge of injury” areas) without surface pain to the patient. TheraStim’s characteristic waveform deliveres higher levels of direct current, which resonate with the human system.

  • Quicker pain reduction
  • Faster wound healing
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Muscle re-education and dramatic increase in range of motion may be obtained.

TheraStim® treates a broader range of conditions

TheraStim® is extremely versatile with applications across a wide range of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and pre and post surgery conditions. This includes whiplash, prepatellar bursitis and sprains and strains, deep hip flexor injuries, headaches, lumbar scoliosis, rotar cuff inflammation to name a few.

TheraStim® produces a positive outcome with fewer treatments

The TheraStim® In this age of managed care, TheraStim® will increase your ability to achieve a significant, positive outcome for patients with fewer treatments using no drugs or surgery.

TheraStim® identifies trigger points

The TheraStim® bio-coupling effect (resonance with the body’s own structures) enables the TeraStim® Modality to deliver its effective power with minimal body resistance. The polarity switch allows the practitioner to control the treatment by changing the directional flow of the TheraStim® waveform. Both of these features enables the TheraStim® waveform to seek the trigger point for referred pain. Treatment can then be applied to the immediate site of pain as well as its orgin, producing long-term pain relief and healing.

TheraStim® defines “Dynamic Therapy”

Movement directs the TheraStim® waveform to the point of injury much more effectively than when the patient is in a stationary position. Other modalities cause skin burning, cramping, and discomfort with patient movement, but TheraStim’s® patented waveform allows for deep penetration without surface pain. Exercising with TheraStim® dramatically increases range of motion and accelerates muscle conditioning, producing excellent results for fitness and sports training, as well as rehabilitation.

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