S.A.S.T.M. Technique

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization utilizes “ceramic” of different shapes and sizes that help break up scar tissue.


Specific Conditions S.A.S.T.M. Can Help

  • Supraspinatus tendinosis/tendonitis
  • Rotar cuff tendinosis/tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger fingers
  • Joint capsulitis in the hand and feet
  • Facet joint capsulitis in the spine
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Achilles’ tendonitis
  • Chronic foot joint pain
  • Heel spurs

Soft Tissue

All tissue in the body except for bones is considered to be soft tissue. The purpose for most soft tissue in the body is mobility. With repetitive monor injuries over long periods of time the soft tissue become less flexible. This loss of flexibility can produce chronic pain and weakness in muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Inflammation is the bodies attempt to heal itself from injuries. Injuries can be major as major as falling down a flight of stairs. More common though are subtle injuries like typing all day. Typing causes overuse micro-inflammations that occur on a daily basis and accumulate over years in the muscle around the elbow. These small daily inflammations occur in muscles and tendons of all people.

Scar Tissue Good or Bad?

The final step in the process of inflammation is the formation and lying down of scar tissue. When scar tissue is laid down in a soft tissue structure, (and tissue other than bone), it is laid down in a disorganized way by the body. Disorganized scar tissue is bad scar tissue, (see figure A).

The disorganization of scar tissue causes the body to become hyperensitive in that area and eventually the matted scar tissue causes pain and limitation of motion. This pain cycle is not stopped until the scar tissue is mobilized and lines up along the natural lines of stress in the soft tissue. Scar tissue is never dissolved. When scar tissue lines up along the lines of stress in soft tissue it will not trigger pain, this is good scar tissue, (see figure B).

Bad Scar Tissue (fig A)


Good Scar Tissue (fig B)


Q. What does not work when treating scar tissue?
A. Anti-inflammatories taken by mouth or cortisone shots can do nothing to mobilize and organize scar tissue. The affects these measures have are only found in temporary pain relief. You will continually have to take these medications to “feel better”. Exercising a muscle, tendon or joint that is bound up by scar tissue will only cause inflammation and more scar tissue formation.

Q. Does the S.A.S.T.M Technique Hurt?
A. Since we are trying to break up scar tissue that in most cases has been present for years, a certain amount of pain is common while performing the technique. The most pain you will experience will be during the first 2-3 treatments. it is also common to feel “beat-up” after a session and tired. Another thing that is common is bruising. If you experience brusing over the treatment site please be assured that this is a normal response to care. The more scar tissue present the more you will bruise. If, after your first treatment you will feel that you cannot tolerate S.A.S.T.M. please tell Dr. Lucas. This technique can be modified so it does not irritate you as much. Please remember this is the best way to eliminate chronic joint and muscle pains.

The only viable solution

Soft tissues; meaning muscle tendon, joint capsules or fascial planes that are adheased with scar tissue can be mobilized and the scar tissues made more flexible with the S.A.S.T.M. Technique. The S.A.S.T.M. Technique is the modern day equivalent of the soft tissue approach invented by Dr. Cyriax in the 1940’s.

Homework that helps the process

We will recommend simple stretching maneuvers that you need to do at home that will help realign the scar tissue once we have mobilized it with S.A.S.T.M. instruments.

Tissue that works again!

The end result is to have a muscle, tendon or joint that no longer hurts, is stronger, and has as much of a full range of motion, as possible.

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