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We are proud to be one of the few chiropractic offices in Illinois to have acquired the PulStar Function Recording and Analysis System.

pulstarHow It’s Different

The PulStar is used as on analysis as well as a treatment modality. PulStar uses precise computer controlled low force mechanical impulses to gently mobilize spinal joints that are not moving properly.

Common Conditions treated with the PulStar

  • Spinal facet joint problems
  • Post surgical neck and back pain
  • Abnormal spinal curvatures
  • Disc problems in the neck and back
  • Rib misalignments
  • Global subluxation patterns

How It works

In the analysis made, the PulStar tests each vertebra by generating a gentle mechanical impulse (light tap) and uses a sensor in the impulse head to measure each vertebra’s resistance to the impulse.

When all vertebra are moving normally, their resistance is fairly equal. But if some vertebrae are restricted in motion (fixated/subluxated), their resistance to the impulse is higher than the resistance of normally moving vertebrae. Normal movement of each and every spinal joint is considered to be essential to good spinal function.

Once a joint is determined to be fixated, The PulStar may also be used to give small, gentle, mechanical thrusts into the restricted joint to help breakup fixation, relieve muscle spasm, and restore normal joint mobility.

In most cases, a series of these treatments are necessary to obtain maximum benefits. Precision and gentleness are the keynotes to the PulStar System’s popularity and appeal.

Q. What Do the PulStar Computer Graphs Mean?
A. The PulStar Measures the resistance to movement of the spinal joints (or other joints) your chiropractor may test. Joint resistance is displayed as a bar graph – with each bar representing a vertebra that has been tested. Dr. Lucas uses the results of your PulStar analysis along with other assessments findings and x-rays findings to decide if and when to treat the joint of your spine.

Q. What Do PulStar Graphs Mean to a Patient?
A. In addition to just telling you that you have a problem and that DR. Lucas is taking care of your problem, the PulStar analysis graphs enable your doctor to show you accurately why and where the treatment takes place as well as the effects of your treatment (after the treatment is given).

Q. Will the PulStar Analysis & Treatment Hurt?
A. If you are in extreme pain almost any intervention may cause some temporary discomfort. However, most patients find both analysis and treatment with the PulStar produces a pleasant sensation and many patients prefer the PulStar treatment and analysis to more aggressive manual adjustments.

Q. Are There Any Side Effects with the PulStar Treatments?
A. The PulStar is very gentle, but in very rare cases people who bruise easily and suffer from capillary fragility may experience very slight bruising or soreness following the PulStar treatment. Should this happen to you, please let Dr. Lucas know so that the amount of the trust pressure can be even further reduced on subsequent visits.

Q. Will Using the PulStar Cost More?
A. The PulStar is relatively expensive – but Dr. Lucas is dedicated to providing the best care possible and has made the investment in this advanced technology in order to maintain his commitment to your health care. Still, there is no extra cost to the patient for the PulStar analysis and treatment.

Validity and Documentation

The PulStar System generates increased levels of validity and documentation. PulStar testing produces objective evidence of the patient’s status not available by other means. This can be very helpful when insurance coverage and legal evidence are involved.

FDA Clearance

The PulStar has been reviewed by the FDA and approved for musculosketelal pain due to joint subluxation, restricted joint mobility, myofascial spasm, ligmentous strain as well as tissue compliance analysis.


You are receiving a unique form of treatment. Unfortunately due to the cost of this equipment very few chiropractors in Illinois can offer this type of care. If you are happy with the service you receive from us please tell others about this uncommon form of chiropractic care. Thank you, Dr Lucas D.C.

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