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Make sure to visit or call Dr. Ron Lucas and his fabulous team at the Lucas Chiropractic Center can help show you how optimal health and renewed hope and well-being can be achieved and restored by addressing the body as a whole and to begin the healing from the inside out! We are conveniently located and serve Palos Heights, IL and the surrounding communities.

” A truly heart felt Thank You to You Dr. Lucas. I was ready to give up.”

Meet Dan , a wonderful patient at Lucas Chiropractic Center in Palos Heights, IL, who loves to share his amazing experience and recommends anyone who suffers with severe Low Back Pain to not wait . Come start living a great pain free life today!

Dr. Lucas and his fabulous team at Lucas Chiropractic Center want to help you regain a better quality of life through better health! They take pride in their results lasting a lifetime for they want to not only address the cause of your pain but to educate how to get the best from your body your entire life.

If you or a loved one suffers in pain, do not hesitate to contact our office. We will provide you with an in depth consultation and examination and take the time to help you understand the cause and the best solution for your healthcare needs.

Even our strongest need help – We are the help!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Ronald Lucas

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I would recommend Dr. Lucas to anybody!

Thank you so much Dr. Lucas for giving my life a second chance!

There's no need for me to have surgery thanks to Dr. Lucas

I've lost 20 pounds!

I've had unbelievable results

Dr. Lucas helped relieve my 5 year problem

I'd recommend Dr. Lucas to anybody

I feel wonderful now!

I had been suffering a tremendous amount of pain

Thank you Dr. Lucas!

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Lucas Chiropractic Center
12413 South Harlem Avenue
Palos Heights, IL 60463

Phone: (708) 361-5455
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